ESL Student Resources

Record of classes and activities for ESL students


Week 4


To begin this week, let’s talk about a common classroom problem: smartphone addiction

  1. Extra listening practice Just click on “Chapter 1”
  2. You can find listening activities here 
  3. Presentation on past tenses


  1. Past simple and present perfect
  2. Presentation on past tenses


  1. Getting meaning from context part one and Getting meaning from context part two
  2. You can find listening and view sections of the textbook here
  3. Presentation: Understanding Main Ideas and Details TAKE NOTES!
  4. Advanced class please complete page 31


  1. Final Draft level 2
  2. Prepositions of time
  3. Writing a strong introduction
  4. Writing a Strong Paragraph






























































Journal for Monday: Please watch this short film then write a reaction to it. What do you think the film maker is trying to say? Do you think the film maker succeeded in illustrating his or her point? Describe a scene from the film that you found especially interesting or moving.

  1. View the prezi: creating a formal outline
  2. Create an outline of Jeff Butler’s TED Talk

Print the outline when you are completed. Give it to me on or before 9/29/17 (Friday)



  1. What was the most recent dream you had like?
  2. Describe a past friendship. Where did you meet your friend? How did you spend time together? Do you still communicate? How?
  3. Write about 2-3 things that you absolutely cannot live without.
  4. What is something that you were afraid of before? Does it still scare you? How did you get over your fear?
  5. What did you do with your very first pay check/allowance? Write about how you spent your money.
  6. What do you do to refresh during a stressful period of life? What advice can you give to a friend who is suffering from a lot of stress now?

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