1. View this presentation about introductions to further your understanding of the material on pages 19-22
  2. Complete pages 23-25 in your textbook for the class on Wednesday. Complete activity 6 and activity 7


  1. Describe 3 qualities that you admire in other people. You can focus on one real-life person and explain why you admire him or her, or you can write more generally about qualities you admire.
  2. What are 3 things everyone should do in order to have an interesting life?
  3. Spring break starts in 12 days! Imagine that I gave you 10,000$ what would you do during your school vacation?
  4. What are you really going to do during spring break?


  1. Homework: Preread pages 39-41
  2. Do you believe that birth order affects your life in any significant ways?
  3. Take home test Due on Monday:
    1. Complete questions 1-11 on pages 43-45. They are due as a 20 point midterm test grade on 3/12. 
    2. 22 total questions 8c and 11 are topics we haven’t talked about. If you can answer them great! If not, that is ok too.


  1. Presentation (25 points)
    1. Read about your Western Zodiac or your Chinese Zodiac
    2. Prepare a brief speaking presentation that tells myself and the rest of the class:
      1. 3 things you agree with about your Zodiac research. At least one point should be a negative quality
      2. 3 things you disagree with about your Zodiac research. At least one point should be a positive quality.
      3. Your own opinion and point of view about the Zodiac’s influence on our lives. How often do you consult your zodiac? Do you use astrology to help you make decisions? 
    3. Your presentation should have at least 3-slides and 3 visual images or video clips. 
    4. Due in class on Tuesday the 13th. If you would like to do it earlier, you can present to me alone on Monday between 10 and 11am. 


  1. Present Perfect Prezi
  2. Online Practice