Sartre listening and speaking assignment

  1. What was the name of Sartre’s chosen philosophy?
  2. Sartre asserted that the world is _______ than we think.
  3. What is the name of Sartre’s first novel?
  4. What does Sartre mean by “absurdity”?
  5. How do we see “the absurdity of the world?”
  6. What is “bad faith?”
  7. What does Sartre believe is one factor that keeps many people from experiencing their full range of possibilities?


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MLA Style Presentation

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Final Reading and Writing Assignment

**If you have a 3+ page paper due for another class, you may use the next two weeks of writing time to work on those projects. You don’t have to write a separate final for me.**

Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Which is better for society, if people believe they have free will, or if people believe their actions are determined? Argue for one side or the other, and consider how the society you choose will be affected by this cultural belief. Use information from “Do you have free will…”
  2. Imagine that scientists PROVE that all of our actions are determined and that we have NO free choices. How should we handle crime in our society? Think about different levels of criminals, terrorists, murders, drug addicts. Use information from our discussions on crimes. 
  3. Simulation Hypothesis
You will need to use at least 3 sources of information. 
Take ten minutes now and try to choose a topic. I want you to write which topic you will use and everything you already know about that topic. Also, write about what information you do not yet have and how you think you can find it. 
  • I also want you to write a quick outline of three possible points you can write about within the topic.
Topic: Determinism and crime
  1. Terrorists: I still think we should punish terrorists for their actions, but we need to try to change their societies so terrorism is no longer an option. 
  2. Murderers: Before now we have always punished murders severely for their crimes because it is a crime against society and human life. So we should continue to punish them heavily. 
  3. Drug addicts: Instead of sending addicts to jail, we should force them to enter a rehabilitation program. 

The Argument for Free Will

Existential Humanism

Do you have free will? Yes, it’s the only choice!



Reading (homework)

  1. Describe the experiment on page 2
  2. Who earned more cash in the experiment? Free will believers or determinism believers?
  3. What do recent studies show about the cheating of college students? What reason do researchers give for this?
  4. What are Dr Schooler and Dr. Vohs quoted as saying about the results (on page 3)?
  5. According to the information on page 3 of the text, workers who believed in free will got_____
  6. According to Dr. Vohs why is it adaptive for societies to believe in free will? (What are the positive social outcomes of a belief in free will?)
  7. On page 4 of the text, the author writes about “compatiblisits” using quotations, write the sentence that gives a definition for this new word.


  1. Take this time to write in as much detail as possible about how you spent your 4 day weekend. 
  2. Take as much time as possible to write how you would have liked to have spent your 4 day weekend if you had 10,000$
  3. Consider the film we watched in class on Wednesday. Do you think the creator of the film was trying to argue for Free Will or Determinism? 
  4. Write what you know about the free will versus determinism debate. Which position do you think is most accurate. 



On June 28, 2004, Dr. Vince Gilmer, then 41, checked his father, Dalton Donald Gilmer Jr., 60, out of Broughton Hospital, a mental institution in Morganton, North Carolina. Vince Gilmer failed to pay for his father’s care, racking up more than $270,000 in debt, according to articles in the Bristol Herald Courier.

The next day, a motorist discovered Dalton Gilmer’s body beside Good Hope Road in Washington County. He had strangulation marks around his neck and his fingers had been surgically removed down to his palms..

Do you think he killed his father intentionally/on purpose? Why? What evidence is there?
  1. he owed 270,00$
  2. he cut off fingers to hide
  3. he has no other plans for care
  4. they went FAR AWAY to a lake
  5. his father has mental problems, so Dr. Gilmer may have them too.
  •  Dr. Vince Gilmer says that he did not plan to kill his father.
  • He says that his father sexually abused him and his sister throughout their lives. 
  • So when he was driving with his father, his father started to say very dirty things to him about sex, and touch him. 
  • I got very angry and choked him to death, but I didn’t mean to
Does this new information change your opinion about his sentence? 
  • Detectives, psychologists, and other professionals all think Vince is lying. They do not believe that he has a mental illness. They think it’s an act
Using what you know so far, I want you to decide an appropriate punishment for this man. 
  • life in jail 30+
  • mental hospital prison
  1. After everything that we have talked about here, was Dr. Gilman “free” in choosing to kill his father? Or were his actions “determined” by past behaviors?
  2. What about his case is evidence for his free choices?
  3. what about his case is evidence that his actions were determined?