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Writing Take Home Assignment

In the packet handed out in class on 2/9 (or on the board outside the room) read and complete pages 1-6 using the class presentation and your notes.

This is your week 4 Participation Grade for Writing, so PLEASE be sure to complete it fully.


  1. HOMEWORK: COMPLETE THE OUTLINE ON PAGE 12 Using your text and notes. Due on Monday for a participation grade.
  2. Preview and complete the vocabulary on pages 8 and 9 in the reading text. I will check this assignment in class on Tuesday for a participation grade.
    reading-analysis-pages6-7 (1)



  1. Conversation HOMEWORK for Tuesday:
    1. Shirley, Kit, Jerry: Read and complete page 104 (1b) in textbook
    2. Peachy, Joey, Rock: Read and complete page 109 (1b)
  2. View the complete GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY Pages 4-6 Notes
  3. Please view the attached interview and answer the questions on page 12. We will review this in class as well, but I will check to make sure it is complete in class on 2/15 for a participation grade.